martedì 4 marzo 2014

ArenaNet Internship selections 2014 Character Test

UPDATE 27/03:

PREVIOUS 20/03 :

PREVIOUS 15/03 :

PREVIOUS 14/03 :

PREVIOUS 13/03 :
Started texturing. i'm still working on the diffuse map (with some test on the specular map on the upper armor parts).


This is my character for the internship selection at ArenaNet. Although i'm aware that to get the internship as europen citizen i need to be allowed to work within the U.s. i decided to give it a shot. (You never know)

I'm currently working on the small details (legs folds, decorations etc.)
the final model will have to be within 7k tris with one texture 1024x1024 (diffuse, normal, spec)

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