mercoledì 21 agosto 2013

Yoko - from "Gurren Lagann" anime - Sculpt

I wanted to improve my skills on sculpting and female anatomy and i recently watched the awesome anime Gurren Lagann, so i though Yoko would suits perfectly for the job.
the design i followed was the one from the second season and after gathering all the references i started working on zbrush with a default dynamesh sphere.

the rifle was modeled in maya and inported on zbrush.

Here´s the turntable made in zbrush.

giovedì 15 agosto 2013

WarMage (game character)

I started working on this character for the bioware cghub contest but i didn´t have the time to finish it untill now.

these are the studies for the color scheme and combinations of the body. I aimed for a fantasy character that fights with magic in the main hand and sword in the secondary.

i prefered the first choice with the blue scheme more suitable for blond hair and i refined the armor design of the chest (though that it would be more realistic with two separate parts).

Using Zbrush and maya i putted together everything with high polygon resolution. after decimating everything i separated and exported the whole model in 3 main parts (obj) into topogun2 for the retopology. 

For the Uv mapping i decided to make 2 tiles (one for the head and one for the body) .
The bake of the normal maps and ambient occlusion was made in topogun2 (which has the fastest and cleaner occlusion bake in my opinion).

this is the result in marmoset :
War Mage from Marco Martellato on Vimeo.

i putted also a simple rig for posing in maya and exported it into Sketchfab where it managed to get in the staff picks page. awesome! :D

sabato 10 agosto 2013

My entries for the Vg Remix Contest on polycount.

The biggest challange for this contest was to create a diorama of an existing game with the limit of 500 triangles per character and texture resolutions of 64px for the environment and 128px for characters and hero props.
Modeling the heroes was not so difficult but the problems started with the texturing. i found myself more comfortable working on double of the resolution for painting and then resizing at the end. 

These are the textures in scale 1:1

The elite knight with original texture size (256x256)